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What is a Brain 1st Workshop?

Our goal at Brain 1st is to have every student and teacher achieve at their highest level so they can thrive in this ever changing world. Knowledge is power, and we have the knowledge that will allow schools to be their very best academically, socially, and emotionally.

What Does it Cover?

Our workshops were created for educators and faculty to bridge the gap between neuroscience and learning strategies. Our sessions cover how we can use what we know about the brain to help enhance our ability to thrive in this world, both as educators and students.

If you are an educator, principal, administrator, or parent, Brain 1st workshops will provide you with the tools needed to successfully target and impact brain function, leaving you with students that are ready to maximize their potential.

Whether it is our signature Brain 1st Workshop or a customized experience, our team will provide you with a highly transferable, productive session that can be applied right away.

In a Brain 1st Workshop, You Will:

  • Learn the latest research on the brain and how its function is affecting your students and classroom;
  • Understand how and why the brain impacts readiness to learn;
  • Receive easy to implement activities and movements that get your students’ brains activated and ready to learn;
  • Feel equipped with proven strategies to help improve classroom behaviour, emotions, and learning at its core.

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