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Congratulations, you have taken a step towards benefitting your students behaviour, learning, and movement potential!

Below, you will find the first week of each course within the four Brain 1st subjects. These videos are geared for those from grade 3-5; we have options in the platform where you can select from three age ranges: grade K-1, 2-3, or 4-5.

Repeat the video 4-5 times in a week, so students can practice and develop the key skills required to move to the next level.


Repetition creates change, so it is vital to include this as part of your daily schedule. Adding new activities can be a challenge and create resistance, but hang in there - once the habit is made, you and your students won’t look back!

Step one: Select your age range

Grades K-1 Grades 2-3 Grades 4-5

Next, introduce Brain 1st to your students!

Play this short welcome video to your classroom to share with them why we are playing Brain 1st in the classroom every day.


Third, select a program

Primitive Reflexes

The first intervention to mind, body and emotional resilience at any age!

This introduction program takes students through 14 weeks of movements that are geared to help benefit the learning, mobility, and behaviour of students.

Belle and Tex take us through this easy to follow course so we can ensure students are engaged with activities that are key to optimal development.

*Please note: This course includes a number of exercises that take place on the floor.

Brain Bootcamp

This course is a fun way to positively impact students focus, behaviour and engagement by targeting neurological function and performance. This course has been created to be completed at a students desk, and just requires space to stand up as well as a table.


This course introduces students and teachers to the fundamentals of mindfulness. It provides useful, practical tools that can be used in and out of the classroom to positively impact emotional resilience, classroom behaviour, kindness, focus, and attention.

Welcome to Physical Literacy Instant Activities

Before you begin, read this quick-start guide to get you comfortable with the format of Instant Activities.

The Brain 1st Physical Literacy component aims to build the foundational movement skills that are underdeveloped in students and children today. The benefits are improved coordination and strength resulting in increased confidence and participation.

The Brain 1st Physical Literacy component is great for larger spaces and is a wonderful integration to a Gym or P.E. class as well as other subjects and school settings. These activities require little to no set up so students will maximize their time spent moving and building functional strength, mobility, and agility.

Lesson plans are broken down into “instant activities” and “stations” with supplementary diagrams and instruction.

Download an example below!

Program Features

Your annual subscription includes:

Instant activities and stations

Instant activities and stations

Resource library perfect for physical education

Easy, guided implementation

Easy, guided implementation

Classroom friendly for large groups, small groups, or one on one!

Flexible experience

Flexible experience

Play what you need, when you need it!

Tailored videos

Tailored videos

Programs custom to specific grades for maximum engagement

List of competencies

List of competencies

Curriculum based student assessments paired with each course

Supplementary assessments

Supplementary assessments

A library of fun printable worksheets provided

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