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Teachers, let’s positively impact students’ learning and behavioural challenges with the click of a button, in under 10 minutes a day.

The retention of primitive reflexes beyond a certain age may play a factor in learning outcomes and emotional behaviour.

Primitive reflexes are reflexes that are present during the earliest stages of life and are meant to aid in birth and survival. Once the brain begins to become more complex, these reflexes are overridden and most should no longer be present after the age of 1. These are eventually replaced with more mature postural reflexes. There has been increasing research demonstrating that more and more children are actually retaining these reflexes and their physical and emotional development is impacted by this. If they are retained, some of the most basic building blocks in the brain are now not properly forming and the rest of the brain development can continue to have missteps and become thrown off. This leads to an imbalanced or an underdeveloped brain. Each retained reflex has a list of possible associated behaviours and dispositions resulting in learning challenges in the classroom.

The great thing is, this isn’t the end of the story! By moving a student through specific repetitive movements in a certain order, this can be changed and the brain reset! Belle and Tex take students through an easy to follow, engaging program to remediate these primitive reflexes! The rest begins to fall into place so that more complex tasks become easier!

Brain Bootcamp is carefully constructed based on proven functional neurology practices to help enhance brain connectivity and improve function.

Our brains require specific, consistent training to function at its best. If certain connections are weaker, performing certain daily tasks may seem more difficult.

The Brain 1st Brain Bootcamp is a fun way to keep students engaged and focused while optimizing neurological function and performance. Our trainers Belle and Tex take students through a wide variety of tasks that are geared to systematically fire up multiple areas of the brain and create positive, lasting changes. These tasks include balancing, basic vision training, specific music and movements to various beats.

The various exercises and activities in our Brain Bootcamp become progressively layered and more challenging throughout the course of 12 weeks. It features multiple cross crawl exercises and fun ways to challenge our fine and gross motor skills, along with custom science-based music tracks. Completing this program may improve the efficiency of the brain and help to make many of the daily struggles students face easier, improving quality of life!

Mindfulness is described as the act of paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, and without judgement. It is coming back from your “wandering mind” to what is happening right now, with kindness and curiosity.

Mindfulness is one of the most tried and true forms of mind-body healing in the world. It can be traced back thousands of years and more recently, researchers have been taking a heightened interest in the effects of Mindfulness on the human brain. We are now seeing the benefits it can have when used everyday in increasing activity in the frontal cortex, which is responsible for cognitive functions such as emotion regulation and expression, judgment, problem solving, memory, and behaviours.

In our Brain 1st mindfulness programs, we practice watching what is happening to and around us in the present moment, such as listening to the birds chirping, feeling our heart beating, and smelling the fresh air. We practice simply noticing what thoughts we are having that may be generating both pleasant and unpleasant sensations; we get curious to the patterns between our thoughts and our body sensations, with the aim of awareness to when we are attaching ​emotions to our thoughts and reacting on them when it may not be useful for us to do so.

The Brain 1st Physical Literacy component aims to build the foundational movement skills that are underdeveloped in students and children today. The benefits are improved coordination and strength resulting in increased confidence and participation.

These foundational movement skills play a huge role in neurodevelopment and are the building blocks to more complex movements later in life. It is vital that the time children and youth spend being active includes exploring movements and games that encourage participation and enjoyment in movement. The Brain 1st Physical Literacy component is great for larger spaces and is a wonderful integration to a Gym or P.E. class as well as other subjects and school settings. These activities require little to no set up so students will maximize their time spent moving and building functional strength, mobility, and agility.

Lesson plans are broken down into “instant activities” and “stations” with supplementary diagrams and instruction.

Have fun, keep moving, and feel better!

Program Features

Your annual subscription includes:

Instant activities and stations

Instant activities and stations

Resource library perfect for physical education

Easy, guided implementation

Easy, guided implementation

Classroom friendly for large groups, small groups, or one on one!

Flexible experience

Flexible experience

Play what you need, when you need it!

Tailored videos

Tailored videos

Programs custom to specific grades for maximum engagement

List of competencies

List of competencies

Curriculum based student assessments paired with each course

Supplementary assessments

Supplementary assessments

A library of fun printable worksheets provided

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