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20 May 2020
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The rise of COVID-19 has provided teachers with a new challenge: to create a plan that ensures continuity of learning through distance education. Questions about best teaching practices and how students can access resources are ideas we are here to face together.

Below are some ideas on how teachers can bring Brain 1st to students as we practice social distancing. As most teachers will be continuing education virtually, we have generated two viable options:

1. Host Brain 1st classes live on Zoom:
You may share Brain 1st videos to a private online video call with your students. Platforms such as Zoom provide resources that allow you to share Brain 1st videos to your classroom live. We have provided resources here for Zoom, where you can invite your classroom to your call and share your screen with them.

2. Parents register to Brain 1st for $0 for 30 days (valid until June 30), teacher assigns courses online:
Families may conduct Brain 1st from home for 30 days for free on our website. Teachers may share suggested courses and track progress with the parent or student along the way, or provide self-assessments to students from your competency page. Parents can sign up at

Questions? Let us know.

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