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Ways you can use Brain 1st instantly in your classroom or home

01 April 2020
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Brain 1st
It can be difficult to start a new routine. Below we have provided ideas when to schedule in your student or child’s Brain 1st sessions, to make their wellness easy and effective part of the day!
  • As a brain warm up in the morning to get your students settled, focused, and ready to learn
  • As a way to calm and ground to your students after an exciting recess or lunch break
  • As a meaningful “brain break” for a student or child who needs a brief rest from instruction
  • To help create your P.E. lesson so students can learn to move properly while having fun!

Teachers who play a Brain 1st class daily in the classroom have noticed positive changes in their classrooms in as little as three weeks. Head to our Explore page to find out more about each course in the program!

Brain 1st

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