Happy Childrens Day!

15 November 2020
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A day of action for children, by children.

It’s Global Children’s Day this Friday, November 20th! The annual celebration is a day to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improvement of children’s welfare. 

Kids today are facing an entirely different childhood than the generations before. Climate change, ever-evolving technology, and a global pandemic are some of the numerous factors impacting the lives of the younger generations today, and it can be a lot for young minds to navigate through. With these new challenges comes a push for change and, more than ever before, we are seeing young voices speaking up for a better future.

This November 20th, we encourage you to not only celebrate the children in your life but to encourage them to learn about what other kids are doing to work towards a better future for all. 

Check out the videos below to see some of these young voices making a big impact:

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