Brain 1st Version 2.0: Ready for Our New Reality

09 September 2020
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Brain 1st


How can we make it easier on our teachers, parents, students and children as we navigate between changes at home, in school, and everything in between?

Give them the tools to self-regulate, focus, understand their emotions, and
be better humans.

We’ve worked hard over the summer to update our program and provide the highest standard online tool to target Social Emotional Learning and help maximize academic achievement. Whether you have troubles getting students to transition between subjects, focus, or stay positive, Brain 1st helps. 

Update Announcements:

  • Remote and in-class blended learning capabilities:
    Brain 1st can help you prepare students to achieve their maximum potential anywhere. Simply assign Brain 1st videos to students from your online classroom and pick up where you left off in class. 
  • Improved Competency Worksheets, Activities, and Self-Reflections:
    We’ve worked to provide educators with some of the best worksheets, activities, and self-assessments available. Make Brain 1st a part of your day in more ways than one and help students apply their learning and growth!
  • Improved Engagement with Rewards Systems
    We’ve added fun new stars and badges that students can receive for each unit they progress through, and a certificate of completion at the end of their course!
  • Improved Principal Portal
    Principals can enjoy Brain 1st too! With a brand new portal for Principals, they can now administer, change, and view the progress of their educators licenses. Make Brain 1st the first course of action with behaviour and learning struggles and track its effectiveness for yourself!
  • New Professional Development Webinars
    With your subscription, you will now receive online Pro-D webinars for educators to further social-emotional and neurology training so educators always feel equipped.

Start the first 10 minutes of your day with Brain 1st and start to see learning and behaviour gains as early as your first month back!

Thank you for committing so much time, effort, and love to your children and students during these times. You are super-human.

Brain 1st

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