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We use clinical knowledge and neurological science to target the growing needs of classrooms in Grade K-5.

Start the first 10 minutes of your day and notice positive changes in your students in a few short weeks. New users get 7 days free.

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Students are facing more mental and physical challenges than ever before. This is impacting how they move, learn, and feel inside. Most of these challenges start in the brain.

Today’s problems:

Struggles with literacy, numeracy, and emotional regulation

Challenges weaving in social emotional learning with curriculum activities

Non-P.E. teachers are responsible to teach P.E. classes

Troubles getting through the curriculum due to behavioural challenges

A lack of friendly e-learning tools that get ready to learn anywhere

Difficulty balancing being an educator, mentor, parent figure, and more

The Brain 1st Program is here to help.

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Our Partner

LDAC accomplishes its goals through research, education, and public awareness about the nature and impact of learning disabilities. Through collaboration, communication and partnership, we strive to catalyze the many efforts of people and organizations working within the Canadian learning disabilities network.

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We're offering a complimentary onboarding and 30-day trial to schools and districts interested in learning how Brain 1st fits into classrooms.

Brain 1st helps children to thrive academically, physically and emotionally with resources founded in science and research.

  • Helps enhance focus, thinking and learning using functional neurology
  • Boosts mindfulness, physical literacy and learning potential
  • Notice positive changes in your students in a few short weeks

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