Helping Students Grade K-5 get Ready to Learn

We help maximize student achievement in under 10 minutes a day with brain building courses made for the classroom.

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How does Brain 1st work?

The Brain 1st Program contains a variety of courses that may benefit any student’s behaviour, learning, and movement.

  • Courses consist of fun, 10 minute animated online videos that automatically progress each day that you log in
  • We easily guide you to help select which course(s) are right for your students
  • Our Physical Literacy section contains Instant Activities and Stations designed for P.E. to support proper movement and development

Built on science and research

The Brain 1st Program is built on evidence that developmental and learning delays, psychomotor and sensory disorders, as well as behavioral issues in children may be associated with retained primitive reflexes and decreased function of brain networks.

These dysfunctions may improve with the application of an intervention, such as specific movements repeated daily.

No prepwork, No seminars,
and No textbooks. Simply….

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Select a Program

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Press play

Let’s get students ready

Our students don't always come to school ready to learn. They might arrive feeling anxious, unsettled, or upset. Let's help create a strong foundation so they can conquer their day!

By using gross and fine motor movements, mindfulness, and other physical literacy tools, we can positively impact readiness to learn and academic achievement. Start your day off with Brain 1st and see the changes for yourself!

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My students LOVE the program – they like the “level up days”. We have given some of the moves “nicknames” like “piano playing” and “starfish”. MOST students in my class have shown HUGE improvement.
– Angela, Grade 1 teacher
I highly recommend the Brain 1st Program to anyone who is looking for a way to help their child with school or other issues. My one daughter would have meltdowns on a regular basis and was a wreck after school. After doing the Brain 1st exercises my once distraught child came home happy and excited to tell me about their day!
– Sarah, mother of 10 year old
I’m beyond thrilled at the changes in my son since we’ve started using Brain 1st. His focus, his listening and fidgeting have all improved so much and he looks forward to his exercises every day.
– Mother of 7 year old
Fabulous program! We can't thank the Brain1st team enough. What a gift this program is to education. It's easy to implement, students look forward to it and we have seen changes in our students. We love it!
– Mrs. G, Elementary School Principal

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