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Students are facing more mental and physical challenges than ever before. This is impacting how they move, learn, and feel inside. Most of these challenges start in the brain.

Today’s problems:

Struggles with literacy, numeracy, and emotional regulation

Challenges weaving in social emotional learning with curriculum activities

Non-P.E. teachers are responsible to teach P.E. classes

Troubles getting through the curriculum due to behavioural challenges

A lack of friendly e-learning tools that get ready to learn anywhere

Difficulty balancing being an educator, mentor, parent figure, and more

The Brain 1st Program is here to help.

We are committed to bring you a brain-boosting tool that will help teachers and students thrive.

  • Help your students transition between subjects, communicate effectively, and build emotional regulation with ease
  • Incorporate competency-based worksheets, assessments and activities that help students understand the importance of the brain
  • Help to reduce the learning challenges faced among students and reverse the increasing rates of learning/behavioural issues
  • Positively impact concentration, balance, reading and anxiety
  • Help students maximize academic achievement
Brain1st Helps Students

Whether in-class or remotely, Brain 1st’s variety of brain-boosting courses make it easy to incorporate powerful, healthy tools into the day.

mindfulness Mindfulness

Strengthening executive Function for emotional regulation and resilience!

primitive-reflexes Primitive Reflexes

First intervention to build mind, body, & emotional readiness at any age.

physical-literacy Physical Literacy

Building the blocks to movement to create improved coordination, strength, confidence and participation!

brain-bootcamp Brain Bootcamp

Integrating the brain using functional neurology to help enhance focus, thinking, and learning in order to optimize on task behaviour and student productivity.


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Brain 1st is by far one of the most intelligently crafted programs I have seen to aid in the social and emotional development of children.



Grade 2/3 Teacher

Fabulous program! We can't thank the Brain1st team enough. What a gift this program is to education. It's easy to implement, students look forward to it and we have seen changes in our students. We love it!

Miss. G

Miss. G


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Brain1st Press
Brain1st Press
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Brain1st Press
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